Objective of the Course:

By the end of the course, students will be able to describe and execute network administrator duties and utilities. They will know how to implement server organisation, user rights, user addition, maintenance of security and user accounting.Learning Outcomes:Demonstrate understanding of how computers communicate with each other and the methods employed to ensure that the communication is reliable.

Expected Job Roles:Network Technician
Duration of the Course (in hours) 80 hrsAppr.
Fees (INR):Rs.15000/-
Minimum Eligibility Criteria and pre-requisites, if any: 10(+2stage) with Computer background
Outline of Course:
1) Introduction to Computer Networks 2 hrs
2) Networking Hardware 5 hrs
3) Computer topology 3 hrs
4) Network protocol 3 hrs
5) Network Configuration 6 hrs
6) Networks Models 6 hrs
7) Types of networks 5 hrs
8) Transmission medias 3 hrs
9) Basic addressing 4 hrs
10) Server installation 4 hrs
11) Basic network troubleshooting 9 hrs
Theory / Lecture Hours:50 hrs
Practical / Tutorial / Lecture Hours:30 hrs
Total Hours:80 hrs

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