Problem Tackling
Nowadays, the school computer rooms management are more or less has the typical list of IT headaches,every new classroom came with very high implementation costs. The schools desktop PCs had an average life of 2 - 3 years, and maintenance costs for the school were always rising.Besides ,high costs of purchasing and acquiring new hardware, high costs of bandwidth, and high electricity charge...


Utilizing Our Linux thin client , schools are able to solve key-issues which added significant value.The thin clients are cooled without fans which reduces power consumption, allows silent operation, and dissipates less heat. Our Thin client supports all operating system such as windows 7/8 / Server 2008/12 or linux host.Once the host system is upgraded,all thin client X5 users would be updated synchronously.In this way,users could not only save the effort but also the overall cost of upgrading.Providing a modern and rich PC's experience for virtual desktop & application access devices, and have a life of 5 - 10 years, which is significantly longer than the average desktop PC.

Working Mode
Suppose there is a 30-student classroom, compared with the old solution that every classroom needs 30 desktop pc,now school only need one high configuration server and 30pcs thin client to implement the school computer installation.
For the thin client working mode,it consist of three parts:server,thin client
and network.Most of the software and data all pre-saved on the server,after connecting with the monitor,mouse,keyboard,lan port,all the thin client could connect with the server easily via RDP protocol 8.0.In this way,the students can easily share the sources on the host.

Utilizing this thin client solution allows new classrooms to be deployed with reduced cost and time. Support and software maintenance operations became streamlined, as everything was installed on servers, not individually on over 30 desktop PC’s.Schools will therefore spend less time and money supporting each machine, cutting overall energy costs and allowing IT managers to focus on creating a better technology environment for students.
Below are key benefits:
1.Reduces the traditional PC purchase cost by replacing with lower costs  thin client .Uses only 5 watts on working and generate much less heat thus saving more than 90% of energy that takes for PCs .
2.Manages one virtual desktop OS for up to 100 end users, thereby reducing the number of operating systems to maintain by up to 97%.
3.With a simple login, students are quicker to access their desktops, saving time for class from lengthy system starts.
4. Longer desktop refresh cycles from obsolescence-free thin clients and better IT leverage with a single host upgrade.
5.Produces less e-waste & noise for a quiet learning environment and with minimal size to save valuable space in classrooms and labs.
6.Supports USB printer,USB disk,USB scanner etc,thin client ensures a convenient and smart Internet experience.

Our Thin Clients provide PC-like performance with full web browsers and multimedia support.
To different degrees, thin client solves our three major issues: purchase cost, life span, and support costs. Their effect on total cost of ownership is still being calculated, but seems promising.
We put a lot of effort to make sure that working with the thin clients will be a great fun for you. You will love the way how easily things can be done, just in few clicks. We tried to do everything as much intuitive as it only can be. Easy software installation, zero configuration and plug-and-play devices – all to make your work easier.


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