Rtech Infosystems provides dedicated and uncompressed internet leased line and Broadband services to Government , Private enterprise sector and various educational  institutes and home.

  Features and Benefits:
  • Multiple bandwidth options from 2Mbps and above.
  • Secure and private – Leased Access is dedicated entirely to you.
  • Network gateways at Kota  for assuring traffic routing at Trans Atlantic and Trans Pacific paths.
  • Network is also peered with Google at different locations.
  • Networks reach in almost all important areas of city through Major and Mini BTS..
  • Internet bandwidth is Scalable on demand.
  • High uptime assurance with industry standard SLA and redundancy in network connectivity.
  • Reliable –We deliver Leased line on fiber optic or wireless Meadia.
  • Resilience can be developed as part of the solution.
  • Symmetrical Bandwidth i.e. unlike copper cable/ DSL connectivity, the upload & download speeds are same.
  • Industry standard service level agreements for ensuring “always on “services.
Internet Services.
We Providing you High-Speed Internet Services in-
  • Internet Broadband Services
  • Leased Line
  • Hotspot
  • Building Wi-Fi
  • Campus Wi-Fi
  • Hotel Wi-Fi

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